Populating, Activating, and Multiplying the Local Church



Our Mission
Populating, activating, and multiplying the local church through the work of evangelism

Phee’s Story
Since having a radical encounter with Jesus at age 11, Phee Shorb has served the Lord faithfully for over two decades. Along his journey, Phee has performed Christian music on countless stages, preached the Gospel in countless pulpits, traveled to 13 nations (and counting), received a Grammy nomination, received millions of views on youtube, conducted crusade-style evangelism in nations hostile to Christianity, cast out demons, healed broken bodies, opened blind eyes, and married the woman of his dreams. Along the same journey, Phee has dealt with sickness, failure, being laughed at, being told he would never make it, going into debt, credit card accounts in collections, a music career that was seeming to be going nowhere, a ministry dream that seemed to be dead, a writing/publishing career that has yet to blossom, and years of weirdness and rejection in dating relationships. There is much to share from Phee’s life but the theme in each chapter is the same. This is a man who is graced to discern God’s plans for him and to then pursue those visions and keep on pursuing them until they become reality. Phee does not know how to give up. Phee loves Jesus and will do anything He asks no matter what the cost. Most recently, that looks like serving as a staff pastor of a small church in Jacksonville, FL while leading a separate ministry focused on world evangelism.

Phee’s Message
The Gospel. That’s it. But what is the Gospel, really? It’s the biblical summary of the person, life, and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. To Phee, Jesus is the solution to every problem, the cure for every ailment, the goal of all goals, the prize of all prizes, and He has made Himself freely available to all who would believe and call upon Him. Phee is bringing a powerful resurgence of the Gospel to the body of Christ and to many unreached corners of the earth with signs and wonders following.

Our Organization
Win the World was originally incorporated as Phee Is Talking Ministries. We are a 501 (c) (3), not-for-profit organization. We are governed by a board of directors and are accountable to a board of mentors, made up of church pastors. We have a CPA as our treasurer who keeps the books and ensures all handling of funds is legal and ethical.

Our Affiliations
Phee is ordained by Pastor Kelly Medders of Connect Church of Jacksonville, FL, where he also serves as a pastor and an elder. Connect is a partner church in the Association of Related Churches (ARC). As a graduate of the Iris Leaders School, Phee is part of the Iris Global family of missionaries who pattern their lives and ministries after the example set by Drs. Heidi and Rolland Baker. Phee is also a graduate of CFAN’s Reinhard Bonnke School of Evangelism. In addition to these, Phee has received repeated speaking invitations from nearly every well-known denomination.
Connect Church
ARC Churches
Iris Global
Christ For All Nations

Our Beliefs
When Phee is guest speaking, his goal is always to uphold the vision and values of the house to which he is invited. Our organization seeks to serve the local church and help its leaders reach the people of their community. However, we stand firm in these essential beliefs regardless of environment or culture.


“Phee has an authentic and relevant message.  His journey in the Christian music industry gives him a unique perspective.  I highly recommend Phee as a speaker.  He has demonstrated faithfulness and servant-hood as a member of our church.”

Sean Yost
ARC Partner
Lead Pastor @ Christ the Redeemer Church in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Founder & Executive Director @ YouthQuake Live

“I have known Phee Shorb for many years and I can attest to his solid character and his focused and passionate heart for God’s Kingdom.  I have invited Phee to speak in our youth meetings several times and each time he has been very real, open, and effective at connecting with our students, whether it was middle school, high school, or our college-age ministries.”

Pastor Sean Forte
Groups Pastor @ Meadowbrook Church in Ocala, FL (an ARC church)

“Phee is a fantastic communicator with a heart to see people’s lives changed.  I would recommend Phee to anyone wanting a genuine, God-loving, Kingdom-minded guest speaker to address their group.”

Josh Martin
President of the Florida Youth Leaders’ Association for the Church of God
Pastor of Student Ministries @ Gulf Coast Church in Largo, FL

“I enthusiastically support Phee as he fulfills the call on his life to positively impact a generation of people through his teaching ministry!  His dynamic message to choose the abundant life God has placed before you will transform lives forever!”

Steven Brickhouse
Sectional Youth Rep for the PenFlorida Assemblies of God
Student/Associate Pastor @ Victory Worship Center in Plant City, FL

“Phee has an engaging message which is grounded in the pure Word of God.  His experiences within the professional music community also provide a relevance with which the listener is dynamically drawn into the studio room of God.”

Rev. Mason Reigger
Pastor of Missions and Evangelism @ Anastasia Baptist Church in St. Augustine Beach, FL

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